Quality Minerals Public Co Limited. Manufactures a full range of high quality Ground Calcium Carbonate both coated and uncoated grades. Other product lines include PP Compound, White Titanium Dioxide Masterbatch, Calcium Masterbatch (Calpet), Polyethylene Wax.


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Q-plas EW is polyethylene wax which has unique polymer properties that make them suitable for many applications. Q-plas EW is produced in pellet form using state-of the art equipment from Federal Republic of Germany.



PVC compounding

To make efficient external lubricants

Plastic additives

To improve wettability, better dispersion

Hot melt adhesive

To improve heat resistance, viscosity adjustment

Hot melt road marking

To improve heat resistance, viscosity adjustment

Rubber processing

To improve processability, carbon dispersants

Cable filling

To improve heat resistance, gelling agent


To increase hardness, gloss and abrasion resistance