Schepers - competence center for laser systems in embossing, security and gravure printing. Since 1991, Schepers has been producing its well known DIGILAS laser ablation system in conjunction with coating and etching machines. Its newest DIGILAS systems structure metals directly.


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Essential for fully integrated buffer storage.

The DIGILAS uses a fiber laser in a one beam- or multiple beam configuration for imaging specially coated gravure cylinders. Furthermore the DIGILAS is equipped with an automatic balancing unit in order to transfer very fine elements on to the cylinder.

  • Laser beam < 10 um
  • Resolution up to 1 um
  • Laser ablation
  • Direkt engraving of different metals such as zinc, nickel and aluminium  
  • Screen, screen widths, screen angles, distortion, modifications of gradation can be adjusted at the System
  • Modern PC-Control
  • 2, 4 and 8 beam technique (8 beams on request)
  • High automation level until fully automatic system level ( full automatic system on request)
  • Rotating speed max. 2000 rpm independent from the circumference

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