Short description

Single-sided and double-sided treatment station for substrate treatment

  • before coating (treatment of the base material)
  • after coating (PE treatment)


  • AVE-250E
  • AVB-250E
  • AVE-300E
  • AVB-300E
  • AVE-400C
  • AVE-400F

Ceramic electrodes against ceramic roller

Universal layout of electrodes also allowing treatment of thick or conductive substrates. For foils, paper, foams and various metals.

Wide product spectrum

Very low risk of ceramic electrode breakage

Patented flexible holders allow the ceramic electrodes to pivot in running direction and radially.

Large quantity of electrodes requiring very little space (up to 24 for a 400mm diameter treatment roller)

Enormous power levels can be effectively converted into surface activation

Rotating electrode housing (Order-specific)

Perfect access for cleaning

Electrode housing with metal enclosure

Lowest possible EMC levels, no fire-hazard, large high-voltage clearances ensure that no flashovers or creepage discharges can occur through moisture or contamination when compared with electrodes using plastic shielding, long lifetime.

High-voltage transformer, mounted directly onto the electrode housing, no external high-voltage wiring

Avoids electric shocks, fires and interference radiation

Insensitive to contamination (especially lint)

Dust deposits will not lead to a blockage of the extraction slots. No high-voltage flashovers.

Spray gap can be set from the outside

Ceramic high-voltage Insulators

No danger of creepage discharges or incineration, unlike Teflon or other plastic material insulators. High degree of inherent safety.