POLYWEST has two first class flexo products for direct laser engraving: NOVOTEC and EVOTEC. NOVOTEC offers the ideal print surface for waterbased and UV inks, EVOTEC enables you to achieve optimal print results with solvent-based inks. Both of these products are not only available as seamless, in the round printing forms but also in plate form.

Due to the highly developed level of laser engraving technology that is available today, particularly precis laser engravings can be performed in a relatively short period of time. In the case of POLYWEST ’s direct laser engravable sleeve coatings, NOVOTEC and EVOTEC, the printing image is engraved directly into the print surface of the sleeve therefore doing away with the need for time consuming process steps such as pre- and post exposure, washing out, and drying of plates.

The printing form is ready for use once it has been washed down with normal water – there is no need for the use of aggressive chemicals.


RUBIN sleeves are extremely robust, conductive and excel thanks to their high quality printing results and material qualities. The SOLID surface is particularly resistant to cuts as well as standard inks and solvents.

Standard tape materials adhere well to the hard surface.

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