The ONYX line of plate mounting sleeves and the innovative surface SOLID meet the requirements for flexo printing when it comes to printing with solvent-based inks. They were developed to fit all air support cylinder sizes and are easy to mount. The special ONYX construction enables high quality print results to be achieved without the axial streaking that some sleeves cause.


ONYX sleeves are extremely robust, conductive and excel thanks to their high quality printing results and material qualities. The SOLID surface is particularly resistant to cuts as well as standard inks and solvents.

Standard tape materials adhere well to the hard surface.

ONYX is available in three different versions

  • SOLID (the standard version of ONYX with a hard surface)
  • SOFTCOAT (soft surface, limited resistance to solvents)
  • DIGIBASE (soft surface, resistant to solvents)

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