Plate mounting sleeves of the RUBIN product line with their robust surface have proven themselves by their manifold applications. They are particularly suited to printing with water-based and UV inks.RUBIN sleeves fit all sizes of air support cylinders and stand out due to the ease with which they can be mounted. RUBIN sleeves deliver excellent print results without the axial oscillation streaks that other sleeves can cause.


RUBIN is particularly robust and produces excellent print results. In situations where the sleeve does not need to be conductive, RUBIN is the right choice. All types of water-based and UV inks can be used. Only top quality materials are used to manufacture RUBIN sleeves, which can last a long time if they are handled correctly. RUBIN is resistant to conventional solvents and as a result, particularly easy to clean. Standard tape materials adhere well to the hard surface.

RUBIN is available in three different versions

  • SOLID (the standard version of RUBIN with a hard surface)
  • SOFTCOAT (soft surface, limited resistance to solvents)
  • DIGIBASE (soft surface, resistant to solvents)

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