Zecher’s activities have always revolved around anilox rollers: After starting out with production of the world’s first routinely engraved anilox roller, we have turned into a top-quality international supplier of innovative anilox-roller solutions. Ever since the company was founded in 1948 by Kurt Zecher, we have been continuously dedicated to improving the performance of the print roller, as evidenced by our more than 65 years’ experience in the production of engraved anilox rollers.


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Our anilox sleeves enable you to achieve visibly improved processing quality, particularly in the context of short print-runs. Fitted to printing presses designed especially for their use, anilox sleeves can provide you with the decisive advantages that have made them today’s preferred type of roller.
Our anilox roller sleeves, your profitable advantage:


- Improved corrosion prevention

- Long service life

- Optimum handling

- High repeatability (TIR)

    - Fast, trouble-free changeover

    - Fast reaction to changing colour requirements

    - Reduced setup time


Our use of a compressible layer ensures the smooth installation and removal of anilox sleeves on your part. We also provide, in addition to optimised ceramic-layer anchoring, an ideal weight ratio for your roller configuration, based on our use of an aluminum body.


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