The very best of Nordmeccanica's technological expertise, combined with an extremely flexible configuration, made it an authentic modular system, which allows concentrating up to 11 different coating and laminating techniques in one single machine:

1. Coating and Laminating with solvent-based adhesives
2. Coating and Laminating with solventless adhesive.
3. Coating and Laminating with water-based adhesives
4. Coating and Laminating with UV adhesives
5. Water/Solvent-based Lacquering
6. Laminating and Lacquering for high basic weights (Semiflexo/Flexo techniques)
7. Printing of one colour in Rotogravure technique
8. In-register reprinting of one colour
9. In-register Cold Seal coating
10. Heat Seal Coatings/Heat Seal in register
11. PVDC Coating and Lacquering

A range of modular solutions set up around an operating core of undisputed success.