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PLATE AND RUBBER BLANKET SLEEVES for reel o_ set printing -
- on the basis of the POLYWEST-Sleeve-Technology
- with the in o_ set printing well-proven POLYWEST-ONYX™-Surface
* Trade Mark of Müller-Martini AG


• Off set sleeve for all format ranges


• a technically mature construction with guaranteed dimensional stability in parallelism
and cylinder form
• register accuracy and permanent repeatable print parameters


• fast format change through short make-ready times – reliable as in Flexo printing
• simple and lightweight assembly through adapted weight
• plate mounting by way of plate slot and optionally with additional screw fi xing
• well-proven POLYWEST-ONYX™-Surface
• format change through new coating with POLYWEST-ONYX™-Surface possible
• highly resistant base core with fi rm seating on the air cylinder
• extensive experience in the manufacture of POLYWEST off set cylinders for the model
range Alprinta* (exclusively for the Müller-Martini AG company)


• Model range VSOP printing presses
(variable sleeve off set press)
• Other off set printing presses
with sleeve change facility Model Range Others VSOP Printing Presses (Variable sleeve off set press)
Format Range All Print Lengths
All Print Lengths
from 15" to 30"
381 mm to 7.762 mm
All Print Lengths
from 23.75" to 45"
603 mm to 1.143 mm
Print Width
(Sleeve Lengths) min. 500 mm to max. 1.400 mm 566 mm or 906 mm 1.166 mm or 1.306 mm
Wall Thickness POLYWEST Off set Plate Sleeves from min. 14.5 mm up to max. 135.6 mm

Rubber Blanket Sleeves from min. 12.4 mm up to max. 134.3 mm
Print Plate Thickness Customer specifi c 0,3 mm or 0,43 mm
Blanket Thickness Customer specifi c 0,95 mm or 1,95 mm
STORK 210 up to 1890 STORK 310 (92,426 mm) STORK 500 (152,905 mm)
Outside Diameter +/- 0,02 mm
Run out max. 0,025 mm
Face Width DIN ISO 2768 T1 m
• Aluminium lightweight construction with POLYWEST-ONYX™-Surface with a hardness
of 80 Shore D to DIN 53505
• scratch and solvent resistant surface
(for this point see also the POLYWEST product description)
Register Ring Aluminium ring with replaceable locating slot (see picture “Locating Slot”) and
marking on the operator side
Stripping Aid Handle with three-point locking device available


Technical changes and errors excepted. All information in this document is based on our knowledge and experience at the time of the publication of this document. This
document does not constitute a legally binding warranty or assurance regarding the different components of our products or suitability for certain applications. Due to
the numerous factors which affect the treatment and the use of our products, testing and adjusting our products are incumbent on the user. POLYWEST does not assume
any responsibility for compliance with statutory regulations (in particular intellectual property rights and copyright) when using our products. Product names which are
branded with ® are protected marks of POLYWEST.
Vers. 1.0 Juli 2011 - EN
Compressible Layer
Plate Slot
Base Core (GRP)
Aluminium Ring / Round blank

Lightweight Support Construction
Aluminium Sleeve