Flexibility is our world! All bagged properly: You will be enthused by the paper bags that come out of our systems.The presentation of a product decides its success on the market.
Whether a small paper bag, a large paper carrier bag, with a flat handle or a cord – we make everything look good.


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Paper SOS block bottom bag machine for the production of large size carrier bags.


Production facilities

Operational area / Size range

Bag width with handle 220 - 450 mm
Bag width without handle 220 - 450 mm
Bottom width 90 - 220 mm
Cut-off length with handle 420 - 650 mm
Cut-off length with handle 420 - 770 mm
Roll width 1.370 mm
Roll diameter 1.270 mm

Paper weight

Paperbag single-layer: 70 - 180 g/m²
Paperbag double-layer: max. 200 g/m²
Handle strips fivefold: 70 - 90 g/m²
Handle strips threefold: 100 - 140 g/m²
Handle legs 80 - 120 g/m²


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