NGR is your specialist for the production of machines and solutions for transforming plastic waste into reusable raw material. Based on 4 basic types we are offering single screw extruder systems in various sizes and versions. As a matter of course we are using solely high-quality machine components. The excellent training of skilled personnel is internationally known and maintained and furthered by NGR. The result is top pellet quality!


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On the basis of the S:GRAN and X:GRAN extruder concepts the F:GRAN recycling machines without a cutter have been designed for flakes applications. The pelletizer output ranges from 140 - 2000 kg/h [300 - 4400 lbs/h]. If you would like to learn more about the technology please continue

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The F:GRAN series is applied for already pre-cut material where an integrated cutter is not required, such as

  • Post-consumer material coming from a washing line (flakes)
  • BOPP fluff / industrial waste already pre-sized in grinders