NGR is your specialist for the production of machines and solutions for transforming plastic waste into reusable raw material. Based on 4 basic types we are offering single screw extruder systems in various sizes and versions. As a matter of course we are using solely high-quality machine components. The excellent training of skilled personnel is internationally known and maintained and furthered by NGR. The result is top pellet quality!


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The NGR water ring, hot die pelletizer is applicable for all types of thermoplastic melts (except for PA 6.6, PET and PPT with MFI > 100). more about the technology please continue

Working principle >>

As determined by the system, during HD pelletizing (hot die), the melted plastic strands produced by the extruder are chopped into pellets by rotating cutting blades. The pellets are then cooled by a water ring and removed.


The new NGR HD pelletizer automatically maintains uniform blade pressure. The combination of a simple, rigid cutting head and a pneumatic, axially adjustable cutter shaft allows precise adjustment by means of a manometer or an electronic pressure regulator (option) to a blade pressure that ensures minimum wear. Accordingly, no separate setting of the individual blades is required.