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advanTex 850

circular weaving loom

The advanTex 850 6-shuttle circular weaving loom was designed to produce tubular fabric made of PP tapes. The machine represents state-of-the-art circular weaving technology.

Technical data:

  • Weft insertion rate: up to 1.000 picks/min
  • Working width: 300-850 mm DF 700-850 mm DF at reduced speed
  • Number of warp ends: 576/720
  • Weft density range: 20-75/10cm
  • Tape characteristics: Tenacity min. 5,5 g/den
    Elongation at break 25 - 30%
    Regularity: width +/- 0,05 mm, Thickness +/-5%
  • Bobbin characteristics: Diameter warp max. 180 mm / Weft max. 115mm
    Traverse length 200 mm
  • Fabric winder: Diameter max. 1.200 mm
    Core dimensions ID 101,6 mm (4")/Length 900 mm
    Winding tension max 750 N (rated load 1.000 N)
  • Machine dimensions:
    length 11.300 mm (required work space 14.000 mm)
    width 2.900 mm
    height 2.960 mm

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