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converTex CL/SL/SL100

valve bottomer

AD proTex bags meet the demands of modern, automated filling and logistics of bulk solids. They are filled quickly and cleanly and their rectangular shape is ideal for transport and storage.

This type of sack can be produced very economically on the converTex because of the innovative adhesive free production process.

The converTex uses the coating applied to the fabric as joining material. Sack bottoms, as well as valve and bottom patches are heated by hot air to soften the coating and then are joined together by intense pressure. The omission of any glue saves significant cost and avoids usage of solvents and the necessity for cleaning.

converTex CL- for up to 60 bags per minute

converTex SL- for up to 80 bags per minute

converTex SL100- for up to 100 bags per minute