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slitTex 750

fabric slitting machine

The fabric slitting machine slitTex 750 cuts strips of coated PP woven fabric and winds them on rolls for use on AD ConverTex® machines for top/bottom patches and valves.

Technical data:

  • Unwinding diameter: up to 1.500 mm
  • Unwinding width: up to 750 mm
  • Working speed: up to 75 m/min
  • Cutting knives: Pentagon-shaped sintered metal blades (10 x multiple use)
  • Winding diameter: up to 1.000 mm per section
  • Tension control: 2 measuring rolls with load cells

The slitTex 750 consists of following main components:

  1. Unwinding section
  2. Delivery and cutting section (including electrical controls)
  3. Edge-trim suction and collection
  4. Double winding section
  5. Electric chain hoist for roll-handling

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