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tiraTex CL/1300/1600

tape extrusion line

A good sack begins with good tapes. The tiraTex tape extrusion line gets the maximum strength from your raw material with very low residual shrinkage. In this way excellent tape quality and high output of up to 650 kg/h join forces for outstanding efficiency of the line.

The modular design of the system and the wide range of optional components allow for a multitude of configurations, which can be tailored to the end product. Even extremely thin, thick or high-strength tapes with special requirements, such as low shrinkage or fibrillated tapes are no problem to produce.

First in the range of available models is the tiraTex CL, which was specially designed for AD proTex projects. In connection with additional working widths offered by the tiraTex 1300 up to the tiraTex 1600 the complete range of requirements for optimal productivity is covered perfectly.
tiraTex1000 holding unit web.jpg
(tiraTex 1300 holding unit)

Technical data:

tiraTex CL/1300/1600

  • Working width: 1.300/1.300/1.600 mm
  • Melting capacity: 580/650/650 kg/h with PP, MFI>3
  • Extruder: E105/E120/E120
  • Production speed: up to 530/530/480 m/min
  • AC motor drives

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