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Elevating Print Quality Worldwide.

Flexo Wash delivers innovative cleaning solutions to meet the diverse needs of printers worldwide. With a focus on consistent print quality, high productivity, and safe operations, we offer a range of cleaning machines, including eco-friendly laser units. With 30 years of experience, we provide top-notch technology for solvent and non-solvent cleaning, ensuring exceptional results for your printing needs.


With three decades of expertise in developing top-notch cleaning solutions, Flexo Wash offers a comprehensive range of cleaning machines, featuring innovative designs for both solvent and non-solvent cleaning liquids. Our units are designed to recirculate the cleaning liquid, ensuring sustainability for our customers' needs.


Today, Flexo Wash is a global technology company guided by family values, ambitious visions, and a fearless pursuit of excellence. Since our inception, we have been driven by a commitment to uncompromising quality, flexibility, and sustainability, enabling us to provide cutting-edge cleaning solutions that lead the industry.

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