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Slitting and winding technology has been Kampf's core competence for more than a century. Kampf's experience and expertise make sure that customers have the right machine for their environment.

Flexible Films & Packaging

When throughput and consistent reliability matter for the production of flexible plastic films, the performance, and dependability of your manufacturing equipment is crucial. The KAMPF non-stop winders and primary and secondary slitting machines were created to satisfy the highest standards and guarantee a smooth manufacturing process. The highest performance values, a contemporary design combined with a well-thought-out operating concept, and the most recent Siemens control technology distinguish the newly created PrimeSlitter machines.

With its slitter rewinders of the ConSlitter series, KAMPF offers solutions tailored to your needs and is your partner for the further development and testing of new materials. The modular and sophisticated machine concept is based on the Conslit series, with over 1,000 machines in operation, it is the most successful slitter-rewinder in its class. From the three categories Silver-, Blue- and BlackLine, you choose together with us the best suitable solution for your application and determine the degree of automation, operating comfort, and flexibility. Our range includes slitter rewinders with winding shafts or single winding stations, working widths from 400-2,500 mm, slitting widths from 25-2500 mm, material thicknesses from 10-1,000 micron, fully integrated and automatic solutions including reel handling and packaging lines - all at top speed and with the quality of KAMPF.

ConSlitter BlackLine

No wishes are left unfulfilled here. The ConSlitter machines of the BlackLine offer with different automation possibilities not only highest productivity and easy of use but also a maximum of flexibility. Choose between the duplex slitter rewinder and the double turret version and you are well prepared for today's and tomorrow's applications.

ConSlitter BlueLine

Whether as slitter rewinder with tension and/or friction shafts or as station winder machine with up to 1,000 mm winding diameter and center/surface drive - the ConSlitters of the BlueLine convince with flexibility and stability. The versatile options from the proven Conslit toolbox enable us to tailor the machine perfectly to your production processes.

ConSlitter SilverLine

Even the basic version of the ConSlitter from the SilverLine convinces with precision, quality and reliability - a real KAMPF slitter.

ConWinder BlueLine

KAMPF’s ConWinder BlueLine improves the winding quality of imperfectly wound rolls by re-winding and can be used to remove any flaws. It can be put to all-purpose use for packaging materials.

PrimeSlitter Black Line

The highest level of development in the field of primary slitting machines for BOPP and BOPET films up to 11 m working width. Newly developed winding stations can be designed for 1,200 mm and 1,500 mm winding diameters with a load capacity of up to 6,000 kg roll weight. Intelligent automation solutions in the machines, such as automatic blade changers, as well as fully integrated devices for loading and unloading offer you optimal productivity.

PrimeSlitter Blue Line

Whether for the thinnest capacitor film of 2 micron or for thick film up to 800 micron - the PrimeSlitters of the BlueLine can be designed for working widths of 3.8 m to 8.7 m to suit your requirements. Depending on the application, you can choose from various suitable options.

PrimeSlitter Silver Line

The PrimeSlitter of the SliverLine can be used individually as secondary slitting machines for film and foil productionwith working widths up to 3.5m. Based on the well-known Unislit series, the design of the machines is based on many years of experience in processing various foils and films such as BOPP, BOPET, CPP, BOPA, PLA, metallized films, laminated films and capacitor films.

PrimeWinder BlackLine

The PrimeWinders of the BlackLine are a further development of the proven Imperial Non-Stop winders for the production of films up to 11m working width and are the ideal choice when best quality and productivity is required for materials such as BOPP, BOPET, and BOPET thick film.

PrimeWinder BlueLine

The PrimeWinder BlueLine - Winders for films up to 7600 mm working widths.

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