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PrimeSlitter Black Line

Primary Slitter

Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Introducing the PrimeSlitter BlackLine: The Art of Precision Slitting

The ultimate solution for primary slitting that sets the benchmark for universal applications, flexibility, and output. With the market and customer requirements ever-changing, our machine is designed to increase your overall efficiency and position you optimally for your challenges.

Experience maximum performance and modularity with a combination of strong core features and new, smart, and exciting solutions. Our machine is tailored to your film specifications to achieve the highest throughput with perfect quality. Use our extensive solution packages to realize your requirements in profitable production.

Reduce set-up times, ease your operation, increase quality, and realize smart use of data with our top-of-the-line solution. Uptime is the focus, and the sum of our solutions makes the difference.

Change settings with ease and save time with our new embeddable solutions for chucking heads, contact rollers, slitting tools, finished rolls, and set up information. Our heavy-load solution saves up to 30% of valuable time when changing parent rolls and makes you less dependent on crane availability.

Experience faster ramp-up and more throughput with a new set of web control functions that support your production staff to achieve the required quality level faster along with sustainability.

Our machine's look and feel prioritize the operator's ergonomic comfort with a completely new design and color concept. Simplified machine operation, optimum accessibility, and integrated safety are combined with a complete new Human Machine Interface, newly designed workplaces, and future-oriented handling and digitization solutions.

The new PrimeSlitter provides state-of-the-art Siemens control systems combined with precise individual drive technology and advanced web control features. All integrated in a concept of proven mechanical engineering and without any hydraulic functions. Choose the PrimeSlitter BlackLine for a top-of-the-line solution that sets the benchmark for primary slitting.

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