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PrimeSlitter Silver Line

Secondary Slitter

Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Universal applications for flexibility and output.

Introducing the new benchmark in slitting flexible films - the PrimeSlitter series. Consisting of BlackLine, BlueLine and SilverLine models, this series is the successor to our proven Universal and Unislit series, marking the new era of highly efficient and versatile slitting machines.

The market and your customer requirements are constantly evolving, and the need to increase overall flexibility and efficiency is more critical than ever. When it comes to film conversion, individual solutions are necessary. That's why we've developed the PrimeSlitter - a trendsetting machine that positions you optimally for any challenge.We combine strong core features with new, smart, and exciting solutions to guarantee maximum performance and modularity. 

The PrimeSlitter is configured specifically to your film specifications, ensuring the highest output and perfect quality. With our extensive solution packages, you can reduce set-up times, ease operation, increase quality, and realize smart use of data to achieve profitable production.Don't get left behind in today's competitive market.

Choose PrimeSlitter to take on any film conversion project with ease and achieve your goals.

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