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PrimeWinder BlackLine

Primary Winder

Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Revolutionizing Winding Quality and Efficiency: The PrimeWinder CTHO BlackLine

Introducing the new generation of the non-stop winder - the PrimeWinder CTHO. Based on the established and proven design of the Imperial winders, the PrimeWinder CTHO is built to meet the increasing demands for speed, film width, and finished roll weights. With a mechanical design speed of 700 m/min, a maximum finished roll weight of 25 t, and a film width of up to 11 m, this winder is prepared for the future.

Unique features such as the active deflection contact roll (ADR), individual oscillation of the winding cores, auxiliary contact rolls, and core clamping units have been preserved and even further improved. New features like the smart condition control of the contact roll, an enhanced cross cutting system, and improved threading of the film reduce waste production and enhance the winding quality.

The design of the PrimeWinder CTHO emphasizes high accessibility and reduced maintenance of the machine and its parts. This winder sets new standards in reliability and winding quality, with drive and control technology engineered by KAMPF.

Out of a huge number of options, the PrimeWinder CTHO can be configured to meet the winding needs of various materials and applications, including BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, BOPE, CPP, and capacitor film, packaging film, and technical films. Experience optimum quality rolls with minimum waste production with the PrimeWinder CTHO.

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