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Sorting systems

Sesotec GmbH


The Sesotec recycling sorting systems are specifically designed to remove impurities from shredded materials, and can sort plastic flakes, regrind, and glass fragments. We offer machinery that is tailored to specific sorting tasks, as well as universal multi-sensor systems that can handle various sorting jobs.

Choose Sesotec for reliable and efficient recycling sorting solutions. With our recycling sorting systems with chute, you can rest assured that your mixed materials will be efficiently and effectively separated, allowing you to recycle plastics and glass in a cost-effective manner. Our machinery is designed to remove contaminants and impurities with precision, ensuring that your end product is of the highest quality.


  • Optimised inlet with extended chute for even material distribution and higher throughput levels

  • Modular design allows for up to three sensors: colour and shape, all-metal, and near-infrared for material differentiation

  • Swift configuration and easy operation with touch display and intuitive navigation

  • Smart operating software SesoDesk with Octa-Core technology for parallel signal processing and flexibility

  • Easy retrofitting of sensors

  • Sorting systems adapted to individual needs, designed for durability with wear protection and easy maintenance

  • Energy-efficient with optimised consumption of compressed air and electricity.

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