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The OPTIMEX has disrupted the industry by offering standardized machine configurations that enable customers to consistently achieve high-quality film, better output, and increased flexibility.

With the OPTIMEX , a wide range of 3- or 5-layer films can be produced at impressive output rates without compromising on film quality. Many components from the high-end VAREX II product family have been incorporated into the OPTIMEX and tailored specifically for extruding PE products, resulting in excellent melt quality.

The OPTIMEX features a MAXICONE die concept that has been field-proven to be the perfect fit for any application. Additionally, the cooling ring and profile control system ensure that perfect film quality can be achieved at maximum output with excellent film tolerances.

The machine's fully integrated components enable seamless control and automation, and the company has developed intelligent automation modules to optimize production efficiency. Finally, the long collapsing unit provides excellent flatness, making the OPTIMEX the optimal choice for efficient and reliable film extrusion.

Windmöller & Hölscher's OPTIMEX provides consistent high-quality film and the highest output rates for efficient production. Its optimized configuration allows for faster delivery times and easier maintenance. OPTIMEX is ideal for producing a range of film applications, such as lamination films, collation shrink films, and stretch hood films.


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