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ConSlitter Silver Line

Primary Slitter

Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

ConSlitter CFRU SilverLine: The Perfect Solution for Your Slitting Needs

Introducing the ConSlitter CFRU SilverLine - a practical and functional slitter rewinder that can process a variety of materials and is easy to operate. Choose from a flexible modular system to equip the machine exactly to your needs, with a wide range of equipment options for perfect slitting and rewinding results. Experience features like:

For perfect slitting and rewinding results:

  • Splicing table

  • Scissor or blade cut

  • Digital positioning aid for shear cut

  • Friction or expansion shaft operation

  • Antistatic equipment

  • Eccentric contact rolls

For high efficiency:

  • Laser core positioning aid

  • Finished rewind roll push off device

  • Various rewind roll removal stands and material handling solutions

  • Edge trim suction

With a speed of up to 600 m/min and two different working widths, the machine can unwind materials up to an unwinding diameter of 1,000 mm and rewind up to 610 mm. Plus, it's part of the proven ConSlitter series with over 1,000 machines already delivered.

Experience a reliable and economic solution for your slitting needs with the ConSlitter CFRU SilverLine.

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